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Task: undefined, I got free hands

Organisation type: non-profit

Website: hbgstartups.com (#growhbg is currently undergoing a rebranding process)

Blog: https://hbgstartups.com/blog/

Facebook: Growhbg



Since I love branding and taking on new ground I had came to the conclusion that working with Startups would be something that would fit my personality very well. After talking to a key person in the network, I was introduced to Jeremie Poirier who was the founder of an initiative called #growhbg that had functioned as a host of different Startup events. He was, at the time, looking for someone who wanted to continue his work. I got free hands to do what I wanted with the initiative so I did.


Mission and goals

Since #growhbg had been unactive for a while when I took over, I thought that the initiative needed a strong and simple brand so that it could be remembered easily and draw more attention to it before doing any events. The first thing I did was to define the initiatives purpose, goals and mission. After that I added some bright colors to the graphic profile that would scream: “Hello! Have you heard of me?” to draw attention to the brand.

When that was done I contacted (with some help from the network) the most attention-drawing Startup I could find and organised my first event at Mindpark in Helsingborg.

I organised different events during the year that made the Startup network come together meeting people from all over Skåne (Southern part of Sweden). #growhbg was also participating in different event that other organisations hosted such as HBGTECH, Women in Entrepreneurship Breakfasts and several events at Mindpark.


Social media and blog

I worked with the marketing and organisation of the events besides my full-time job, husband, house and activities in my home town. Every new event got a Facebook event, an invitation by mail and a blogpost (I had no time to do more). Here under you can see what the marketing could look like:


Facebook events (klick the images to see the event-page with pictures, blogposts and promotional texts):

Banner for our first event.

Banner for event.

Banner to event.









Reference: Jeremie Poirier (founder of #growhbg)


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